Oil Works, Inc. has been active in the oil and natural gas drilling industry for over 30 years. During this time, OWI has grown from a small repair shop to a full-service drilling rig equipment manufacturer and rig-up facility.

Oil Works, Inc. (“OWI”) was founded in 1991 by Johnny Kidd, Kenny Black, and Tom Luttrell and has functioned as a full-scale manufacturing facility since 2008.

OWI operates from an approximately 30-acre campus that includes 20 buildings with ~126,000 square feet of gross building area. These buildings incorporate the entire operation, including manufacturing, administration, shipping and receiving. OWI has over 100 full-time employees and there may be an additional 30-60 contract welders staffed according to project volume.

OWI is a complete drilling rig equipment manufacturer and service provider. OWI sells and services individual components and can sell, service, and assemble an entire drilling rig on site.

OWI manufactures, re-manufactures, and/or distributes multiple lines of equipment, including, but not limited to, drawworks, torque converters, air and gas compressors, air hoists, winches, kelly spinners, pipe spinners, wireline machines, automated pipe handling systems, iron roughnecks, substructures, and masts.

OWI also builds and sells full rig packages by aggregating many of these products to create a fully functioning rig. OWI not only manufactures, installs, replaces, and repairs OWI-branded drilling rig components, but can also service and replace parts from many other rig equipment manufacturers.

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To provide timely, customizable drilling equipment solutions which improve the performance and safety of our customers, while respecting our environment and community.


To be the premier manufacturer of drilling rig equipment in the Permian Basin by providing a broad product base, timely delivery, a top quality product, and outstanding customer support.


  • Customer-first priorities: listen to customers and always be available to serve
  • Absolute integrity: protect the trust in relationships
  • Invest and believe in people
  • Product excellence
  • Timeliness, both in service and manufacturing


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